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Fighting Cocks.

She was asked to decorate the restaurant of the Irazú Hotel in 1969 and chose to do a series of fighting cocks.

“The fighting cock represents the fierce nature of the animal which does not give up easily and fights with courage for his life. The radiant plumage from head to tail makes them a strong and vibrant theme”.

She approaches them with bold and sure strokes, depicting them in action, fighting or singing proudly to the rest of the coop. They stand out against the immaculate white paper, and are underlined with the oriental ink brush.


After her New York experience as illustrator for Abelard Schuman, Doubleday and W.W.Norton, she also illustrated children's books for Lehmann editorial house Lil, and The Editorial Costa Rica.

Her pen and ink work also has the quality of perception of the line drawing combined with sections of light and shade or “claroscuro”.


She enjoys painting portraits of people and their particular surrounding; letting the atmosphere tell of their personality. She prefers observing the subject in real life, at least one whole session before starting the canvas: she does not like to paint from photographs.

She has painted women and children in watercolor and in the portraits of men, she prefers oil.

She has done a series of nudes within foliage that she calls Metamorphosis, inspired in the Greek myths and Ovid's poems. They come out of the mist and peek out of their atmosphere.


She studies vegetation with the eye of a botanist changing her point of view to take the eye of the beholder inside the painting and captivating it there through the different planes. The leaf is a leaf, and the grass grows with a rhythm. The majestic mountains invite to their innermost folds: She describes, entices your imagination, and can make you feel the rocking sensation of a wave or the force of the sea. She paints the movement of the clouds and where the hidden frog sleeps between the tropical leaves.


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