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Watercolor & Oil Private Lessons

With her teaching experience and knowledge of History of Art, she can give lectures on several themes, including Aesthetics, Composition and the different Art styles.

To teach art she prefers to use the watercolor technique, as it is a fast drying media and is apt to see immediate results. She has developed her own method of teaching, instructing at the same time, drawing, art history and composition.


She teaches beginning artists, and they learn the technique quickly. Professional artists can improve their method and composition. She prefers to teach at intervals of five day lectures and then let the students work on their own for a longer period of time to let them practice. Then at a later date, she retakes them and wages with the group how far they have advanced.

She teaches in the open air, in gardens and fields as the impressionists painted, directly into the canvas, and is happy during spring and autumn when the light is full. The student learns to compose the landscape to his intellectual conception, without the aid of photographs.

She has taught in the United States , France , Honduras , Guatemala and El Salvador besides Costa Rica .

She can travel to teach in other countries provided when paid for the transport and accommodation facilities.

Lessons in a different country:

1. Payment: Payment of the ticket to and from the country, and the five lessons in advance.
2. Lodging : An adequate room with a desk, and a private bathroom.
3. Transport: Transport to the airport both ways, and transport where the lessons take place.
4. Lessons: The morning lessons will start at 8 o'clock and continue until 11 o'clock , with half an hour interval for a coffee break .


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