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Cristina Fournier

Cristina Fournier is a versatile painter who has traveled to different countries captivating the feeling of different regions with her impressionist brush.

At the age of 12, she started her career combining the traditions and folklore with the Christmas feeling in the greeting card designs. After studying in Rome and finishing her Fine Art studies, she travels to New York where she works in illustration and textile design.

Her love of nature distinguished her work since very young depicting the wild flowers and the orchids in their natural atmosphere. Her naturalist art blends birds, butterflies, frogs and wild animals in the Costa Rican paintings.

During the last twenty years she has painted throughout the world, from Germany , Holland , France and Spain to Greece , Turkey and Israel , also many countries in America .

Her brush moves swiftly without the trace of pencil, in the white paper or canvas; the image and composition solved in her mind, captivating fields, mountains and the flowers of the season: lavender fields, poppies and sunflowers in France; the rolling wheat fields in England and the mauves and purples of the Judah dessert, and the ultramarine of Mediterranean sea, ariterranean sea, are all subject matter in Cristina's paintings. She has chosen painting as her most intimate expression. Her canvases of many countries brought her worldwide recognition.


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