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She preffers to show in Cultural Centers , Banks, Embassies or Hotels in order to donate a percentage of the sales of her artwork to charity.

She holds in great esteem the work done by the association of Damas de Escazú, with whom she has collaborated for the past twenty years lending the rights for the reproduction of her paintings. These reproductions, as well as the work of other artists, have served to build a day care center for children of working single mothers; a Public Library and recreation Center , and have built housing for the homeless elderly. They also print a Calendar that helps the ecological institutions and the greeting cards now sell year round.

She has collaborated with institutions that help homeless women; unwed young mothers, AIDS patients, homeless or battered children, and old people's homes.

She collaborates with Marielena Fournier and the Association Yisky, that educates children from all stations of the country in the importance of animal conservancy, clean rivers and beaches, the importance of the natural forests, and the recycling of garbage.

In 1990, she donated the reproduction of a painting five meters long, describing the natural flowers of Costa Rica , for the printing of greeting cards to be sold to help the Association of Environmental Education.

She has donated paintings for fund raising campaigns of the OTS.{Organization of Tropical Studies).

The Organization Pan y Amor, for abandoned children, also reproduced two of her paintings of children as greeting cards, for funding.

She has donated a percentage of the paintings sold in her exhibits to charities that help the Senior Citizen of Escazú; Rose Mazuh Organization to buy the machine that detects the Death in the Crib Syndrome in new.


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